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Concrete Bridge


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BRIDGEHAWK® emerged as a response to the glaring need for a dynamic and creative online media platform dedicated to showcasing the exquisite beauty of bridge engineering and design.

Driven by a deep passion for this specialized field, Usama Khan conceptualized and brought to life the first medium of  knowledge sharing in the form of a Youtube channel in 2018 . His vision was to establish a comprehensive resource of design content that would captivate and inspire audiences worldwide spanning multiple medias of content sharing. The website followed suite during the pandemic in 2020.

Since its inception, BRIDGEHAWK® has attracted significant attention, both locally and internationally. The platform has become a magnet for university students, esteemed professors, and design executives, as well as CEOs and multinational design houses. Its unique blend of educational and visually compelling content has garnered recognition and admiration from a diverse range of industry professionals.

Currently  BRIDGEHAWK® employs the use of Expert Webinars, inquisitive videos, succinct illustrations, animations, detailed 3D models to cater to its audience. 

With a commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, BRIDGEHAWK® continues to be a prominent hub for individuals seeking to explore and appreciate the artistry and innovation within the realm of bridge engineering and design.




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