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A distinguished Structural Engineer specializing in Bridge Analysis and Design, Usama Khan boasts extensive hands-on expertise in crafting solutions for Metro Projects, Bridges, and Steel Structures.

His illustrious portfolio showcases an array of remarkable achievements, including the meticulous design of Elevated Concrete Viaducts, intricate Concrete Box Girders, resilient RCC Buildings, innovative Culverts, and soaring Flyovers, alongside the mastery of Steel Trusses, among other notable projects.

With a sterling reputation forged on the international stage, Usama Khan has had the honor of collaborating with multicultural teams across Asia and the Middle East, contributing his expertise to esteemed ventures of global significance. Presently, he spearheads Civil operations and management endeavors for the Doha Metro in Qatar, directing forensic structural analyses, overseeing emergency management protocols for segmented tunnels, and leading comprehensive structural investigations, among other pivotal responsibilities.

A captivating orator and revered mentor, Usama Khan is a sought-after figure at youth conferences, where his engaging sessions and esteemed presence leave an indelible mark on attendees.

He Holds a master’s degree in computer Aided Structural Engineering and a bachelor’s in civil engineering, and is a member of many international forums.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Usama finds solace in the realms of creativity and exploration. A National Gold medalist in drawing, he embraces artistic expression as a means of inspiration. His passion for travel fuels his quest for new experiences, while his affinity for gaming and technology underscores his modern sensibilities. In moments of introspection, he retreats to the solace of literature and journaling, finding renewal amidst the pages of his diary.

The genesis of BridgeHAWK® emerged from Usama's insight while immersed in the professional delivery of  Metro projects. Evolving from a mere concept into a transformative platform, BridgeHAWK® stands as a testament to his dedication and innovation. Its global impact resonates across diverse sectors, empowering professionals, educators, students, and enthusiasts worldwide with its wealth of resources and insights.

Usama can be reached at

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